Sales Network

The medical information network is composed of 90 medical sales representatives, operating throughout Italy.
The structure also includes 10 Area Managers who are responsible for coordinating the MSRs and maintaining the company’s contacts with the main health operators present in their area.
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Area Manager    Dr. Gerardo Caiazzo  Mobile Phone 333/8762848

Manager Area    Dr. Umberto Antonelli
Mobile Phone 348/8610461

Manager Area    Dr. Ettore Mitola
Mobile Phone 340/1785175

Manager Area    Dr. Claudio Celani
Mobile Phone 348/8610922

Area Manager – MDM S.p.A. tel. 039-3909110

Manager Area    Dr. Emanuele Pedroni
Mobile Phone 348/8611348

Manager Area    Dr. Luca Rollo
Mobile Phone 393/3329785

Area Manager   Dr. Ignazio LaRussa Mobile Phone 338/3518005

Manager Area    Dr. Alessandro Bernardi
Mobile Phone 349/2707156

Manager Area    Dr. Riccardo Tiberio
Mobile Phone 348/8551087